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Gusto niyo ba ung Farm to win na server?
Gusto niyo ba ung ma feel ang leveling, hinde mahirap palvl, hinde din mabilis. SAKTO laang?
Gusto niyo ba ung hunt all items, NO DONATE ITEMS?
Gusto niyo ba ng Server na may daily event, active Admins?
Daily event + Weekly event (DM, LMS)
Gusto niyo ba ung may freebies pa?
set +9+L+two option (Decided by the Admin)
2nd wings lang ang freebies. 3rd wings is to be created, mats huntable.
Item to item trading available.

Long term server?

 Come and Join us!

Server normal Exp: x100
Master Level Exp: 100
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 220
Guild pack available = Find a Guild Leader to join.
Separate starter items upon creation: 7days to expire.

All characters/heroes are balance, No hero being left behind.
No donate items, items are hunted only

Medusa / Selupan / Kundun / Golden mobs / Blue Box

No Bias.

Active GM available for:
Daily event Admin (AM & PM)
Week event Admin for DM (per char) & LMS
Castle Siege Admin
Admin for report/bug
Admin for Gpack consolidation

Goblin points available for use
xShop for buffs only; No items for sale.

Premium files for leveling and hunt system only

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Server Info

VersionSeason 6
Master Experience100x
Total Accounts659
Total Characters1,297
Total Guilds25
Online Users13

Castle Siege

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Guild Master
Registration period for Mark of Lord

Castle Siege Battle
2 days 19 hours

Castle Information

Top Level+

NicoRobinHigh Elf400
CHADGrand Master400
BugoyKuyGrand Master400
LuffyFist Master400
PANDAYBlade Knight400